Why should people choose Boston Green Cleaners over other companies?
First of all, it is very very important that people know that the green products we use are even more effective than household chemicals. Many people think that green products are not that effective, but you can get the same results or even better with the green products we use. Some people think that by not going green they will get a better result, but they need to understand that they will get the same results or better with our green products. We use no aggressive chemicals. All our products have Green Seal Certification.
Environmentally friendly and safe alternatives are always more expensive than normal services, is this one too?

No, the green products that our cleaners use cost more than standard chemicals, but this is NOT reflected in what you pay. Your rates are set by professional carpet & upholstery cleaning rates for the area.

Will the service be as effective as one using detergents and solvents?

Absolutely, your carpets will be left exceptionally clean and safe for all those who come into contact with them.

What are some of the common hazards with household or commercial cleaning products?
  • The Smell can hurt very badly for those with breathing problems. It take almost 24 hours for it to go away.
  • They will leave some soap residue behind. Those chemicals are still there in the carpet. The machine cannot pick up all the chemicals, maybe only 90% of them.
  • You can get the soap on your hands, legs and eyes from these products. If you have any kind of sensitivity to these kinds of products that can be a problem.
  • When used to clean tile or a hard surface these soaps can leave a residue and get sticky. 
  • Soaps can also make the tile or hard floor very slippery and make it very dangerous when it comes into contact with water again.
  • Traditional chemicals can hurt the color of upholstery.
  • But what is most dangerous is people touching the surfaces cleaned with these chemicals and then touching their eyes or mouths.
Aren't there other green cleaners in the Boston Area?
They may not be 100% Green Seal Certified like we are. They can advertise themselves as green because they have a few bottles of green products. They could be mixing green products with non-green products. It could be a secondary part of their business. They take it as an offshoot, not the main part of their business.
Will the service be as effective as one using detergents and solvents?
Absolutely, your carpets will be left exceptionally clean and safe for all those who come into contact with them.
What type of method do you use to clean carpets?
We use a number of methods depending on the type of carpet or fabric and the amount of soiling … however 'water extraction' is our preferred method.

With this method our machines apply water spray directly onto your carpet, upholstery or mattress and extract the solution simultaneously. Our technicians are continuously is trained to the highest standards and latest techniques.

Will wet cleaning my carpets damage them?
That may have been true once or with older machines but with our specially built systems, water extraction is by far the best method of getting a deep cleaning, and most of today’s carpets were designed to be wet cleaned. If we are in any way concerned that your carpet is manufactured as such that wet cleaning may damage it, we will explain this to you and a decision to carry on will be entirely yours.
Will my carpets or upholstery look like new after the cleaning is finished?
The effectiveness of the cleaning will naturally depend on the condition of the carpet before the clean. Despite what you may have been told by other carpet cleaning firms, complete stain removal may only be possible by using extremely severe chemicals and solvents which may be extremely harmful to your indoor air quality and your health. However, your carpet will look great, feel great, be exceptionally clean and free from allergens and contribute positively rather than negatively to your quality of life indoors.
Why should I have my Dryer Vent cleaned?
Dryer Vent Cleaning is a simple solution to many problems. Restricted airflow causes lint build-up and excessive heat can ignite materials in the dryer vent, resulting in a dryer fire. Due to this, the National Fire Protection Association recommends having your dryer vent cleaned annually. Most homeowners fail to include dryer vent cleaning on their list of yearly maintenance service calls. In 2005, the NFPA estimated that over 14,500 residential fires were caused by clothes dryer vents, causing over 440 injuries, including 14 deaths and over $207 million dollars in property damage.