Regular Home Cleaning
Take advantage of Boston Green Cleaner's experience in the move in/out cleaning field for your regular household cleaning needs.

We will clean your home on a weekly or monthly basis using our 100% Green Seal Certification line of products. 
We apply the same high standards to cleaning your home periodically that we do to the rest of our cleaning business. No aggressive chemicals are used at all.

Reasons to hire us for your scheduled cleaning tasks:

  • We will develop a check list of task your choose to be attended to including:

    • dusting your whole house,
    • cleaning 

      • your windows, 

      • cupboards, 

      • refrigerator, 

      • other appliances and hard to get to areas, and

      • your whole kitchen or any other room in your house.

  • Our workers are well trained, honest, friendly and reliable.

  • We work with you to come up with the cleaning plan for each visit.

  • As always, you can depend on us for quality service and fair pricing.

Call us to find out more.